The Immersion Book of Steampunk – First Look

Immersion book of Steampunk


So here we are, hot on the heels of our first limited-edition novella by Lavie Tidhar comes The Immersion Book of Steampunk, edited by Gareth D Jones and Carmelo Rafala.

My Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Welcome to the clockwork frontier. You are cordially invited on a trip to reclaim those lost and forgotten steam driven futures. Join the Immersion Book of Steampunk for an expedition through a new age of glorious industry. Encounter suffragette air-pirates, the art deco terror of imperial skies, unwrap the bullet-proof magic of a cynical prince, or discover the dark ensorcelled secrets of evolutionary public engineering. Newton and Nostradamus shape these worlds together, and that insistent ticking of a double-escapement could signal the portal to a new life in Her Majesty’s Off World Colonies or the countdown of an anarchist’s time-travelling bomb.

Come to FantasyCon in Brighton at the end of September to witness the release of the future that could have been.

Pre-order the title soon at this site!