Immersion Book of SF Officially Available

Despite some Amazon outlets shipping early, The Immerison Book of SF is officially available! We had a great time at the pub last night with Tanith Lee, Chris Butler, Gareth Owens and other authors and friends at the celebration of what is an incredibly strong anthology. By keeping a tight leash on production costs we  can keep the prices down for you and get more books into the hands of avid readers. You get eleven wonderful, jaw-dropping, kick-ass stories.

From the rim of a singularity, listening for the divine, to alternate versions of our world hidden between London streets; from invasive memes to subtle alien invasions manifesting upon the flesh, The Immersion Book of SF offers vistas as multiple and as varied as the stars.  Pick up your copy here or from Amazon and other book retailers.

Sales have already been steady and strong, and emailed comments from readers have been positive and uplifting. As a small press, your glowing comments mean a lot to us, so thank you.

Immersion Book of SF